Mr. Jackson

Mylo Draven, Loan Originator

What You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

For borrowers looking to secure a loan and purchase a home as quickly as possible, the minimum amount of time we can work through the process is eight days. Most purchase contracts will land you between 21-30 days from the start of the process to keys in hand. If you’re looking to refinance your home, that process takes a minimum of 12 days. Let’s talk about the specifics of your situation when we connect, and I can provide you a more precise estimate of what to expect.

Your down payment depends on the type of loan I secure for you: 

  • FHA loans require 3.5% down
  • Conventional loans typically require 5% down
  • If you put 20% down on a conventional loan, you can avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI)

There are loans available that require anywhere from 1-3% down. Bottom line: I’m here to help you through the mortgage loan securement process. We’ll work together to go through your financial paperwork, determine what loan works best for you, and ensure you’re comfortable with the payment terms.

I’m able to help people of all life circumstances and financial realities secure a loan. The following are loans I have expert-level experience securing for clients: 

  • FHA loans
  • Conventional loans
  • Veteran loans
  • USDA loans

Each of these loan types carries different interest rates, down payment rates, insurance requirements, and terms. When we first talk, I’ll have you walk me through the details of your unique situation, and we’ll discuss your options.

To qualify for a loan, you’ll need to meet minimum credit scores depending on the type of loan. For example, for FHA loans, you’ll need a minimum credit score of 580 to secure or make adjustments to a preexisting loan. Conventional loans require a minimum credit score of 620.

Your credit score, or FICO score, comes from three credit bureau evaluations: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. We’ll use the middle score of the three values to determine if you qualify for a mortgage loan. 

You don’t have to pay me for my services directly. I’m here to provide support during the process at no additional cost to borrowers. The lender will pay me once the loan securement process is complete. 

Depending on the loan I secure, you may be required to carry mortgage insurance. FHA loans always require some form of mortgage insurance, and many conventional loans do too. If you put 20% down on the house, you are not required to purchase private mortgage insurance. Lenders or investors require mortgage insurance as protection in the event of loan default.