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A blast from the past, the April issue features 3 of DFW's best retro cafes, Mylo's Adventures at an arcade and bowling alley, the best retro gifts, and more!
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Who is Mylo Draven

It’s time to take the first step in your journey to owning a home! Let Mylo guide you, step-by-step, through the loan process. With #TeamMylo on your side, you’ll have a trusted advisor walking you through the entire process, so you can focus on finding your perfect home.

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What Clients Say


Simply The Best!

The Only Broker To Use in Dallas

I have worked with a few different lenders in the past, and I have to say, I have never worked with anyone that was as dedicated, and professional as Mylo. He actually became more of a friend, and I always felt like he was on my side during the entire process. Going through the mortgage process is always a stressful event, and Mylo made this the best experience I could possibly have!

Philipose, Little Elm, TX

Finally, Peace of Mind

Mylo helped me purchase my first home. The mortgage process can be daunting and I was nervous, especially with the 2008 crisis not firmly in my rear view mirror. From the start, I knew Mylo was someone I could trust. He provided honest insight and great execution from the application process, to pre-approval letters, through closing (even when bumps in the road occurred which were beyond his control). I would highly recommend using Mylo for your mortgage needs.

Lauren, Dallas, TX

Unparalleled Service

I highly recommend Mylo Draven! I needed to either refinance my home or sell it. Mylo was able to get a great interest rate for me and also educate me in the process. The process went quickly and smoothly, he understood my needs, he is honest, upfront, knowledgeable, and easy to reach even on weekends.

Allen, Grapevine, TX

Essential Piece

Mylo was more than just a loan officer. He was a hand holder, problem solver, cheerleader, and advocate. And now, he’s family.

The Millers, Dallas, TX

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Some Frequently Asked Questions


How much do I need for a Down Payment?

Currently there are loans available that only require 1% and 3% for down payment. The standard is 3.5% for FHA and 5% for CONV loans.

How long does it take to get a Mortgage Loan?

A home purchase transaction can take as little as 8 days. Most purchase contracts are written for 21-30 days, depending on the situation. A refinance cannot be less than 12 days. Please reach out with questions regarding your specific situation.

Does my credit score matter?

In order to qualify for a standard mortgage loan, the middle score from the three credit bureaus is used. This score is referred to as your FICO score. The three bureaus are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. A median FICO of 580 is required for FHA loans. A median FICO of 620 is required for CONV loans.

Do I have to pay you to help?

The service of the lender comes with no out of pocket cost to the borrower.

I’m self employed. How does that affect things?

A borrower in most cases must be self-employed for two years. There can be exceptions. Please reach out for your specific situational questions.

What is mortgage insurance?

Mortgage Insurance is a policy that protects investors or lenders in the even of default on a mortgage loan.

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